Wednesday, April 20


The "Houston Chronicle" (registration required) reports this morning that the Houston Police Department, with assistance from the FBI, has arrested a total of twenty (20) MS-13 gang members, with five (5) of those "charged in connection with four homicides in the area, including the slaying of 18-month-old Aiden Naquin, who was shot in the head while strapped in an infant car seat (on) April 12th."

Among those arrested is a 19-year old Salvadoran, Miguel Angel Castro, who police say is the prime suspect as the shooter in the brutal murder of Aiden Naquin. Castro also goes by the name "Emente." (NOTE: Today's "Houston Chronicle" story by reporter Peggy O'Hare cites Castro's age as 21, but all previous reports have listed it as 19).

This writer has been covering this story since it was first reported that the toddler had been slain, both because of the egregiousness of the crime itself, as well as the purported connections to the deadly MS-13 street gang, which operates in Houston and across 30+ other cities in the United States.

A number of the recent arrests were made by a Houston P.D. SWAT team. Important to note in today's story is that "almost all of those arrested during the SWAT standoff last week and in the months leading up to it are believed to be illegal immigrants," according to Houston P.D. Homicide Lt. Murray Smith.

And that's precisely what readers of this blog need to understand: MS-13 is comprised of illegal immigrants, mostly from El Salvadore, Honduras, and Mexico. And it is a gang whose numbers and reach are escalating rapidly in this country. Currently, there are thought to be 10,000 - 12,000 MS-13 gang members in the U.S., but some estimates have been as high as 20,000. These are criminals who have no business even being in this country!

Lt. Murray Smith goes on to say of MS-13: "They're a very vicious group, like most gangs when they come to our attention ... obviously, they have little regard for human life."

That such a gang exists in this country and little children such as Aiden Naquin die at the hands of illegal immigrants is evidence enough that the Bush Administration, Congress, and the leadership of both major political parties are patently culpable, because they've turned a deaf ear to the issues of border security and immigration reform, and tried to patronize Americans with the endless, self-serving propaganda that illegals flood into this country by the millions to do the work that Americans refuse to do -- that they're a boon, rather than a blight.

Fact is, many come here to do murder, rape, burglary, and utter mayhem, and to run illicit cross-border trades in drugs and human cargo. And to those who have fallen victims to this tide of humanity streaming across our nation's borders, they are being terrorized! They are the victims of terrorists!

It's incomprehensible to me that the big-gun, center-right bloggers are not running with this story and giving it legs in the blogosphere. A little boy is dead. His killer is purportedly an illegal immigrant from El Salvadore and a member of the most notorious gang operating in the United States. Aiden's death is an outrage. He's buried now and with the exception of a few Texas newspapers and local television affiliates the story has been buried with him. It's disgraceful.

NOTE: I want to thank Frank Laughter of "Common Sense Junction" for this post of his in trying to assist me in drawing attention to Aiden Naquin's brutal slaying and the ties of that cold-blooded murder to this country's porous borders issue and the countless politicians, including President Bush, who remain stubbornly indifferent to the dreadful consequences of illegal immigration.