Friday, April 1


Do you not find it more than terribly ironic (actually quite troubling) that euthanasia-proponent, right-to-die advocate, George Felos, who handily convinced Florida Circuit Court Judge George Greer early on that Terri Schiavo was in a "peristent vegetative state" ("brain-dead" and no longer sentient), took considerable time yesterday during his ghoulish and unctuous press conference to tell the world that Terri was resting peacefully and looking beautiful in her final minutes of life, saying reassuringly that she had a stuffed animal under one arm, flowers in the room, and soft music playing. He even went so far as to say that "this death was for Terri," as if she had received some kind of wonderful gift or benefit from his lawyerly skills.

So just how could a brain-dead, non-sentient woman, deprived of food and water for two weeks, enjoy the creature comforts -- a sentimental stuffed animal, bouquets of flowers, and soft music -- provided for her at her time of death? Wasn't that the whole pretext of killing her -- that her brain had atrophied and liquified, and she was the equivalent, as many including George Felos have said, of a potted plant?

Many believe (and here's a good example of it) that smooth-talking Felos is so self-assured he's unerringly slick in his spinning that he doesn't feel himself stepping on his own tongue anymore! Maybe Felos has become brain-impaired along the way. That coupled with his empty heart ought to place him next in line for food and water deprivation, don't you think?