Tuesday, April 26


In this post, in which my ongoing reporting of the cold-blooded murder of Houston area toddler Aiden Naquin pointed to police authorities having discovered the catalyst for the crime -- namely, his father Ernest's alleged sale of Xanax to the wife of an MS-13 gang member -- I wrote the following:

Illicit drug sales and the use of illicit drugs are crimes in and of themselves, but they spawn other crimes -- terrible crimes -- and the ripple effect of that degeneracy has become akin to a systemic poison in this country, a blight upon America. The United States is the largest, richest market in all the world for illicit drugs. And from the teenager who casually smokes a joint in his suburban bedroom to the street hooker who shoots up heroin with a dirty needle in a rat-infested flophouse, they all join together to breed a culture in which the life of a hapless little boy becomes all too expendable on the altar of drug use -- the sick religion of getting stoned.

And I concluded:

So many insidious elements appear to have combined to kill this little boy. We have the illegal immigration problem that is raging out of control in our country. We have a street gang -- MS-13 -- that has spread to 33 states, is composed mainly of illegal aliens from Central America, and is so violent that it is the #1 gang in the land targeted by the FBI and a Justice Department task force. We have illicit drug trafficking, drug sales, and drug use -- a huge, sinister industry that plagues America and touches us all. We have bad parents and flat bad people afoot in the land and child abuse is becoming pandemic. We have politicians -- our "public servants" -- many of whom don't do their jobs, neither enforcing the laws designed to protect us, nor legislating tough new laws to countervail the menaces that grow in our midst.

All these elements were as complicitous in the cold-blooded murder of Aiden Naquin, as was a 19-year-old gang member from El Salvadore who allegedly emptied his gun into the windshield of Ernest Naquin's automobile that night, wanting both the drugs and the money used to buy them.

Now I come across a story this morning in the print edition of the "Houston Chronicle," buried on page B5 of the "City & State" section, the headline reading:


The "HC" reporter, Mike Glenn, reports that a seventh-grade student at Long Middle School was "found with tablets of the anti-anxiety drug Xanax" and that "two other students at the school were taken to an area hospital for observation following the girl's arrest."

HSID spokesman Terry Abbott is quoted by Glenn as saying: "We had seen a rise (last year) in the number of cases of kids bringing Xanax to school and passing it around." Abbott goes on to say: "We saw, last year, in the school district more than 30 different cases of Xanax being used."

Yet another example, cited by Mike Glenn: "Monday's arrest follows the expulsion earlier this month of five sixth-graders from Ryan Elementary SChool who also were caught with Xanax pills."

I point to this story, juxtaposing it with my post on the gangland slaying of a little boy over a Xanax drug sale gone bad, so that readers (particularly parents) can connect the dots and see firsthand that what goes on in elementary and middle schools in the Houston school district may have ties to the street-level drug buys and drug sales of Xanax (and other drugs) by MS-13 gang members -- a deadly gang comprised of illegal aliens that has become a scourge in Houston and thirty-two other cities across our land.

Wake up, people!

Drug abuse and illicit drug sales get innocent people hurt and, in the case of a not yet two year old toddler, innocent people killed. And even a young girl purportedly passing out prescription pills at her school becomes a player in the downward spiraling "degeneracy" in this country of a "drug culture" that weaves its sinister threads throughout our society.

An innocent little boy was gunned down as he sat in his child's car seat because people distribute drugs, people sell drugs, people buy drugs, and people do drugs. They smoke it, they snort it, they inject it, they pop it. And in doing so, right down to the youngsters who are caught up in this damnable culture, they are all complicitous in the bad things that happen to good people because this nation cannot get a grip on itself.

The sick religion of getting stoned is a blight on this country and it's why a little boy is buried deep in the ground in a small blue coffin surrounded by teddy bears in Humble, Texas.