Saturday, April 16


I'm sure most of you caught this story this week citing soon-to-be-released government studies indicating airport security is no better than it was pre-"9/11." That should give all of us pause, as should one of my front-burner topics -- illegal immigration/border security. The white elephant euphemistically described as the "Department of Homeland Security" has become more boondoggle (and an engine of pork barrel spending), than comprehensive protector of the people.

Does anyone remember this post of mine citing the waste of taxpayer dollars in the name of "Homeland Security?" Please take the time to read it to get a flavor of what's happening out there!

Don't you just wish we could get some citizen advisory groups attached to the "Department of Homeland Security" so the common-sense judgements and assessments of we the people could enter the dialogue and sans the influence of pressure groups?

I, for one, would nominate Frank Laughter, as his is a perfect example of the kind of common sense that seems to escape our government officials vis-a-vis potential terrorist threats. Indeed, his is the sort of post that deserves widespread linking in the blogosphere, but, alas, absent big readership, good ideas and compelling observations and analyses get lost in the blogosphere.

That's a damn shame.