Thursday, April 14


The "Houston Chronicle" (registration required), in a copyrighted story by reporters Cindy Horswell and Peggy O'Hare, published in today's edition, quotes the father, Ernest Naquin, of the dead, 19-month old toddler Aiden Naquin (read my post of yesterday for background), as saying he'll be able to identify the gunman, if arrested by authorities, because of the man's eyes.

If I see his eyes, I can pick him out. They were without a soul, evil, like he was a demon possessed.
Ernest Naquin has had some exposure to such people, apparently. Police have indicated he has a criminal past and is currently on "mandatory supervision" since his release from prison in December, 2002. According to today's "Houston Chronicle" story:

His criminal history includes convictions for misdemeanor assault of a family member, burglary of a habitation, arson and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.
The trailer park in which the Naquin family dwells -- the site of the brutal murder Tuesday night in which an armed man accompanied by two other men fired, according to Ernest Naquin, five shots at point blank range through the windshield of his vehicle (a nearby resident described what she heard as, "Bam, bam, two slow ones and three fast"), striking Ernest's little boy in the head -- has been, according to this story, the site of illicit drug activity, with two methamphetamine labs having been raided by police in just the past two weeks. And the car used by the perpetrators, a silver Nissan Ultima, had been seen in the mobile home park in the days just preceding the murder. That's why the victim's father believes that the killer may have thought he was someone else -- that the shooting may have been a drug-related hit.

The description of the gunmen, as quoted in the story, is "... a Hispanic, with a shaved head and goatee, medium build, wearing baggy pants and a white muscle shirt."

A Harris County sheriff's spokesman indicates investigators already have been given several leads in the case and have a "full-court press" underway to find the gunman and his three male accomplices.

I'll continue to post on this reprehensible crime, as more information is forthcoming. That little boy was strapped into a car seat in the backseat of his father's automobile. He was a sitting duck, unable to move or duck, as his two older sisters did, when his father yelled out a warning just before the shooting began.

Texas authorities will find this child-killer and the Texas criminal justice system will not screw around with him or his cohorts. There's a prison in Huntsville, Texas, just up I-45 a piece from Houston, and this will one day become this slimeball's state-funded housing until they give him the needle.

NOTE: For local area residents, this story appears above the fold on the front page of the "City & State" section of today's "Houston Chronicle."