Saturday, April 16


Chicago is Jesse Jackson's stomping ground. His power and reach are huge in the City of the Big Shoulders -- he has a conduit right into the mayor's office. Has for years. So why wouldn't he be aware of Clara Martinez's plight and be intervening on her behalf by now?

Clara has been deprived of food by her husband for reportedly 29 days. Mr. Jackson didn't swoop in to help Terri Schiavo until the proverbial 11th hour, so the timing ought to be just about right for him, don't you think? Clara's condition must be critical by now. Many parallels to the Schiavo case.

Maybe not. No nationwide MSM coverage; no worldwide MSM coverage; no cable news preoccupation with Mrs. Martinez; no Congressional battle. Jesse Jackson picks his spots with the deft touch of a quintessential self-promoter.

Still, it's happening right in his back yard -- Jackson has always loomed large in Chicagoland. He must know something.

Come on Commodus. Mount your white steed. If nothing else, you're a media lightening rod. If the media is missing in action (and they are), then you bring the media to Clara!

Help this woman, Jesse!

Suggestion, Bloggers -- let's all of us try to reach Mr. Jackson:

Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
930 East 50th Street
Chicago, IL 60615-2702

ph: 773-373-3366
fx: 773-373-3571