Saturday, April 16


Michell Malkin weighs in on President Bush's about face on a new requirement (to have been implemented at the end of 2007) for passports through Ports of Entry on the U.S./Canadian and U.S./Mexico borders, as does Bryan Preston at "The Immigration Blog."

I agree with Mr. Preston that it's disconcerting and hard to fathom that Mr. Bush found out about these changes via the media, rather than through his own staff or "Department of Homeland Security" officials. That he was caught unawares is more than a bit suspect.

Regardless, here's the President of the United States fretting about "the honest flow of traffic" (particularly "day crossings") through these Ports of Entry, as if passports would impede such a flow, and yet at the same time he appears not worried in the least about the impact of millions of illegal aliens and the human invasion underway from Mexico into this country.

His post-"9/11" war on terrorism has a lot less credibility for this conservative Republican in the wake of the president's utter failure to secure our nation's borders and to protect the private property of U.S. citizens who live along the contiguous border with Mexico. He has taken an oath of office to uphold the laws of the United States and in this regard he has not done so and remains adamant in continuing not to do so.

This writer traveled to Canada and Mexico for years on business and always carried a passport. Drivers licenses and birth certificates are easily forged. A passport requirement makes sense.