Saturday, April 30


Jennifer Wilbanks really put her family, her friends, and most of all her fiance, John Mason, through hell this week, fearful as they were that she may have been abducted during an evening jog last Tuesday night and, God knows, possibly slain. The 32-year old Georgia woman and bride-to-be disappeared during that solitary, nocturnal run, became the object of vast media coverage and an ensuing large-scale, nationwide search, and then suddenly popped up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and with an apocryphal tale no less that she had indeed been abducted by a man and a woman in a van. Fact is, she didn't go for a jog; she went for a long bus ride -- first to Las Vegas, and then on to Albuquerque.

The MSM is calling it a case of "cold feet" -- a would-be-bride who turned tail and ran under the pressure of an impending wedding that was to have been held today. Well, that's all quite convenient for Miss Wilbanks, but not for the nation, not for police authorities, and certainly not for the throng of volunteers who helped in the search and participated in the collective national angst driven by what appeared to be the case of yet another young woman abducted and murdered, and possibly by her lover. After all, the bridegroom-to-be had felt obliged to take a private lie detector test and authorities were negotiating with him to take yet another through government auspices in order to clear his name!

The pending marriage is no longer a private family matter, not after the would-be bride diverted vast police resources from legitimate crime investigations owing to her patent selfishness and immaturity.

A word to the wise: you had better think long and hard on marrying Jennifer, John. She's a cut-and-run type and a cover-her-ass liar. There are better women in this world. Cold feet up against you would be the least of your problems!