Friday, April 22


Local 2 News (NBC network affiliate in Houston), just moments ago, during its 10:00 pm CDT news' telecast, reported that the FBI, Harris County Sheriff's Department, and Houston Police Department personnel, working together in the ongoing investigation of the death of toddler Aiden Naquin, have made five (5) more arrests in the case (the previous post cited a report that 4 arrests had been made) -- four men and one woman. Additionally, Aiden's father, Ernest Naquin, is now thought to be directly tied to the suspects involved in the murder of his son.

Local 2 News reporter Courtney Zavata indicated that authorities now believe that Ernest Naquin sold a supply of the drug "Xanax" to a woman, Marla Cruz, who has now been taken into custody by the police. While it is not clear why (not from this particular report), four men, including the alleged shooter -- Miguel Angel Castro -- tailgated Ernest Naquin's car following the sale and it is thought they wanted the money back that was used in the purchase of the Xanax. Once Naquin had reached the trailer park in which he lived with his wife, son, and two daughters, his car was cut off by the vehicle in which the four men road, three men exited the car, and one, brandishing a weapon, fired five shots into Ernest's car, with one bullet striking toddler Aiden Naquin in the head killing him.

This blog previously reported that Ernest Naquin has a criminal record. Police investigators have been reporting all along what they regarded to be Ernest Naquin's less than full cooperation. Tonight's breaking information may account for that.

Ernest Naquin is innocent until proven guilty; but, the fact that he may have played a part, in some way, shape, or form, perhaps through the illicit sale of prescription drugs, in his son's death sickens me.

UPDATE: As previously reported, the alleged shooter is in police custody and has been charged with capital murder. The four men arrested as additional suspects in this crime have been charged with aggravated robbery. The writer is not certain if the woman arrested in the case has been charged yet.