Friday, April 22


"Come one, come all!"

Can't you just hear President Bush yelling that sort of welcome through a bullhorn at the McAllen, Texas, Port of Entry. Seems a strange juxtaposition: that indifference to the human tide that enters our country each and every day through our porous southern border with Mexico and the recollection of the president telling the emergency responders to the "9/11" tragedy at the World Trade Center towers site that "... pretty soon the evildoers will be hearing from us!"

Well what about the illegals that cross our borders, Mr. President? When are you going to deal with that terrorist threat? Now we have Brazillians joining the vast emigration or what I would term "human invasion." Seems all of Central America and South America are beating a path to the United States, many of them criminals in their own countries. And you, Mr. President -- well, you're not particular in the least about who is smuggled into this country or by whom. Among many loathsome offshoots of your wide open borders' policy is the rapid rise of the notorious MS-13 gang in this country, now spreading its tentacles into 33 states.

Your "Come one, come all" approach to border security, Mr. President, is disgraceful and contradicts your sworn oath to uphold the laws of the land, as well as your commitment to this country to fight terrorism in ever form and guise.