Friday, April 8


"Blogger" remains unstable, unpredictable, and so unruly anymore that this writer is contemplating making a change, following suit with Betsy Newmark and "The Anchoress", as but two examples of outstanding bloggers ready to defect. The latter had difficulty even in the wee hours this morning, as she tried fitfully to "live-blog" Pope John Paul II's funeral Mass. I've posted previously on my problems with "Blogger" and I'll say it again: it's getting old. I've lost posts, I've had duplicate posts published, I've experienced days where I could not use the "edit" utility, and far too often I've received error messages where errors did not exist. And sometimes the HTML even gets scrambled. It goes from right to wrong! And the belated auto-replies to "Help Desk" queries are as upsetting as the incessant problems that prompt them. I suspect either they're being inundated with new blogs at a faster pace than their system can accomodate or they're experiencing an enervating spam-attack.

Regardless, a good many of their customers must be reaching the point of total frustration by now. It's a real nice service when it's working and you can't beat the price; but, "Blogger," of late, is taking all of the fun out of what blogging is supposed to be about -- writing! (Wonder if I'll lose this post (?) -- maybe I had better copy this to "Notepad" first!).