Monday, April 11


I'm so tired of fussing with "BLOGGER" that I could spit. For reasons I cannot discern, the sidebar of my template is not working now for users of Mozilla Firefox and Netscape. If I access my blog via either of those browsers, my sidebar is pushed down to the bottom of the site. If I access it via Microsoft Explorer, it is just fine.

All I can do at this point is apologize to readers of A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT who use Firefox or Netscape. Of course, I'll not enjoy much of a readership with these kinds of problems continually haunting my site.

I have not made any template edits in recent days that should have resulted in this kind of problem.

My wife is far more technically oriented than I and she just spent several hours tweaking the template and trying different modifications to see if she could get the problem resolved, all to no avail.

No sense in writing to the "Blogger" folks, as their "Help Desk" template is unstable today! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? They can't even sort out their customers' communications route to the Help Desk. I'm serious -- here's what they're telling their clients:

This would be funny if it weren't frustrating some users. We've discovered a problem with the page people use to report problems. Just letting you know that we're fixing it now and if you plan on writing support, please take note:

And even as I type this post, "Blogger" won't allow me to backspace! It's like trying to type with a rusty, old typerwriter whose keys stick. This is the "Dark Ages!"

It's just been one thing after another and for weeks now with "Blogger." I'm thoroughly fed up!

Their incessant software hiccups have taken the joy out of blogging for me and apparently the joy out of reading my posts for those among my readers who use Firefox and Netscape.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I think I've resolved the problem now. I found a prior post in which "Blogger" had scambled the HTML badly. If you're reading this utilizing Mozilla Firefox or Netscape, could you please leave me a "Comment" advising whether or not my right sidebar is appearing on your screen? Thanks! (published @ 3:38 pm CDT)