Saturday, April 9


Lorie Byrd of "Polipundit" points to some slight-of-hand on the part of the president and Congressional republicans in linking to this important report that reveals Senate Republicans are intent on including key provisions of the president's illegal alien amnesty program in an emergency appropriations bill to fund the ongoing wars against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to the well-respected MSNBC journalist Joe Scarborough:

The U.S. Senate is playing the most cynical of games.

Reports from Washington this morning tell us that Republican senators are going to attach part of the President's illegal alien amnesty program to an emergency-spending bill.

As a former congressman, I know how this scam works.

You pick the most offensive bill you can find and attach it to a piece of legislation that everyone knows must be passed.

So what have Republican leaders in the U.S. Senate decided to hold hostage?

The safety of U.S. troops overseas.

That's right, sports fans.

U.S. Senators are holding American soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan hostage because of this Illegal Immigrant Protection bill. And these politicians have done it by tying the Illegal Alien Protection Act with an $80 billion Emergency Funding bill aimed at funding our troops overseas.

Why would they do this?

Well, senators play these sleazy games because it provides them cover when they are back in their home districts explaining to a local yokel why they had to vote for that terrible amnesty bill.

"Those rascals in the Senate," I can almost hear him say to the star-struck constituent, "well, they attached the dad burn amnesty program to a funding bill for our troops. I had to vote for it because I couldn't leave our young boys over there without any support, could I?"

Of course not, the impressed voter mutters back, thinking to themselves that doing such an awful thing would make even Jane Fonda blush.

And our senator will get away with this legislative shell game because Americans rarely figure out who attaches offensive provisions to legislative bills. And when you do you find that it is usually a political heavyweight who will never lose at the polls.

The kicker is that the same senator who shouts from the highest mountaintop in his district how he opposes such legislative trickery then goes around the corridors of Capitol Hill whispering to concerned lobbyists about his brave support of the offending provision.

But this case, the Republican Senate is being too clever by half. Americans will blame them, their party and their president if this horrible provision becomes law.

With ultimate power comes ultimate responsibility.

And in this case, bet your bottom dollar that the American people will hold President Bush's party accountable.

Credit Lorie, countless other bloggers, and many in the Republican Party ranks with a willingness to take the president and both political parties on over their abject failure to deal with the out-of-control situation on our borders. This is a prominent issue in the country and certainly one that center-right polibloggers are posting on with ever increasing frequency in the blogosphere, myself included.

Maybe The Minutemen should show up in Washington D.C., rather than along the Arizona-Mexico border. After all, the illegals are crossing our border, but our elected officials are now trying to cross us!