Tuesday, April 19


Aiden Naquin, who would have been two-years old in August, was buried yesterday in Humble, Texas. Aiden was the Houston area toddler who was viciously murdered on Tuesday, April 12th, while strapped into a child's car seat in the backseat of his father's automobile. His father, Ernest Naquin, had taken his three children -- Aiden and two older sisters -- out for a snow cone treat in the early evening. On returning home and entering the trailer park in which they lived in the 2700 block of Third, they were suddenly cut off by four men in a silver Nissan Altima. Three of the men exited that vehicle, approached Ernest Naquin's car, and one man carrying a gun fired as many as five shots at point blank range into the windshield of Mr. Naquin's automobile. Newspaper reports have varied with respect to whether one or two of those shots struck little Aiden, but, regardless, he was struck in the head -- shot dead.

This Houston-area writer has written previously on this brutally cold-blooded murder of hapless Aiden -- indeed, a total of four times (here, here, here , and here) -- vowing to follow-up as the story of this heinous murder unfolded. When a suspect was finally arrested -- 19-year old El Salvadoran Miguel Angel Castro -- who was thought to be in this country illegally and a member of the notorious MS-13 gang, this writer wrote to a prominent blogger trying futilely, as it turned out, to get this story legs in the blogosphere, given not only the egregiousness of the crime, but its stunning implications to illegal immigration, this nation's porous borders, and the escalating spread to 31 states now of MS-13 gang activity. But, alas, there was no traction, no links, and precious few accounts of Aiden's tragic death. Even the MSM has given scant coverage to the death of this innocent little boy, save for the "Houston Chronicle" and a few other Texas-based newspapers.

There is, however, some sense of vindication this morning, as the story has now finally moved from the "City & State" section of the "Houston Chronicle" (registration required), to a front page, above-the-fold story this morning by reporters Cindy Horswell and Susan Bardwell. In it, the reporters point to Harris County Sheriff's Department confirmation that shooting suspect Castro is "indelibly marked ... with tattoos indicating he is a member of the Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, gang." They go on to report that Bob Clifford, who heads up the MS-13 National Task Force (under U.S. Justice Department auspices and formed in January of this year), is "keenly aware of the latest killing in Houston" and that the Task Force is "becoming increasingly involved in Houston on this and other cases."

The reporters go on to inform that Mara Salvatrucha was born in El Salvadore (and as this writer had reported) and has "ominous connections" to that country, Honduras, Mexico, and a significant presence here in the United States. "Mara" is a slang term for "street gang"; "Salva" is simply an abbreviated reference to El Salvadore; "trucha" is slang for "fear us"; the number "13" means that "M" is the 13th letter of the alphabet; and, the "MS-13" designation was added when this street gang with roots in El Salvadore "joined forces with the Mexico Mafia to provide protection for members sent to prison." The widespread elements of Mara Salvatrucha found in the United States are comprised largely of illegal aliens -- you know, those people the Liberal Left keeps telling us come here only to find work and decent wages and to do the work that Americans refuse to do!

Maybe this will get your attention. Bob Clifford is quoted as saying: "The gang's preferred method to kill is beheadings." And this, Dear Readers, is usually done with machetes.

So if you've been aghast at the beheadings conducted by terrorists in the Middle East, then know that MS-13 is doing the same thing here in our country, and the Justice Department is calling them a "gang," rather than a group of "terrorists" who have illegally entered the country though Mexico! You can bet that President Bush and the Congress do not want voters being informed that the abject failure of elected officials and the "Department of Homeland Security" to deal aggressively with border security and immigration reform has resulted in beheadings, widespread murder, and other brutal forms of real-deal terrorism.