Friday, March 18


As the fateful hour of 1:00pm EST approaches today, Congressional leaders have promised that subpoenas will be served on the medical staff at the Pinellas Park, Florida, hospice (where Terri Schindler-Schiavo's fate may soon be sealed) in order to stop the court-ordered removal of Schiavo's feeding and hydration tube. The question becomes whether doctors will honor the subpoenas.

The Florida legislature in Tallahassee did not respond favorably to the public's outrage over Circuit Court Judge George Greer's order that Terri, a cognitively-disabled woman, be denied food and water commencing this afternoon, nor did the U.S. Congress in Washington. Neither legislative body passed the necessary legislation that both Governor Jeb Bush and President George Bush, respectively, had vowed to sign into law. It's all conversation unless you get the job done and the job did not get done, pure and simple. Seems the U.S. House of Representatives is more intent on taking its Easter break than doing its job for the people.

And the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to even hear the case, while the Florida appellate court has purposefully washed its hands of the matter. It's been a sorry performance all the way around by the courts and many elected officials. Let's not soon forget this!

So now an innocent life hangs in the balance -- the life of a handicapped woman -- and all that comes between her continued living or her slow, agonizing death by dehydration is a last-ditch legal maneuver embodied in a Congressional subpoena. Terri Schindler-Schiavo deserves better, as do her parents. The whole scenario that has unfolded is utterly disgraceful. A Circuit Judge in Florida is holding the nation at bay, while hundreds of thousands of us ponder why nothing substantive has been done for this hapless woman.

This is what secularization has wrought -- an utterly contemptible disregard for human life and God's creation.

UPDATE: BlogsforTerri is reporting that Congress has delayed its Easter break to continue its work on legislation on behalf of Terri Schiavo and people like her!