Saturday, March 5


The "Hobbit-Brain" species still survives. It's not joyous news for our race. And don't let any fuzzy-headed anthropologists tell you otherwise! Question my claim? Just read this. All those "jeering," "catcalling" delegates who took issue with the United States' position on abortion are not part of any human species of which I want to be a part. Abortion remains a shameful, unconscionable practice except in those rare instances when the mother's life or health are in danger.

I have no doubt that Dr. George Tiller would have received a long, raise-the-roof, standing ovation from delegates (and the throngs of activists in the audience) had he been the keynote speaker at the United Nations' global women's conference, as this is his forte.

So tell me: how far have women really come since 1995? Well, there have been over 13 million abortions performed in the United States alone in that period, let alone the grissly count worldwide, if that's the kind of yardstick you secularists want to thump your chests over and wave in the face of Ellen Sauerbrey. Hang in there Ellen -- you're my kind of gal.