Wednesday, March 30


It's the photograph of Mary Schindler's heartache more than the CNN news story itself about yet another federal appeals court loss for the Schindlers that grips me this afternoon. After all, there are not enough fingers and toes to count all the times that they've gotten their noses bloodied in this ever-protracted legal fight to save their daughter Terri's life. How do they withstand judge after judge after judge refusing their motions? This last from the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals seems particularly cruel.

Were I Bob Schindler, I would have gotten the message some time ago and would have ceased the futile legal efforts in this case that are destined for ineluctable rejection. And, I most certainly wouldn't have called in the likes of Jessie Jackson in the 11th hour, as in my mind his moral standing in this country has long since diminished.

But, I'm not Bob Schindler and it is not my daughter who is being killed inhumanely by the state, so unless one has walked a mile in his shoes, it is too easy to question his tactics and those of his attorneys. Desperation at the horror of a dying daughter must make the mind race for ways out of that hellish travesty of justice that is claiming his Theresa.

UPDATE: The Schindlers will be making yet another appeal to the United States Supreme Court following their loss before the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. There's no quit in this family, but you must wonder why they persist in going to the men in the black robes.

FURTHER UPDATE: The United States Supreme Court has declined to intervene for the sixth time! Surely all legal appeals have been exhausted now.