Friday, March 25


John Podhoretz of the "New York Post" echoes in this column sentiments similar to those expressed yesterday by Peggy Noonan, in describing the "unreasoning rage" of those so hell-bent on seeing Terri Schiavo die by dehydration and starvation, as if being different, being handicapped by a brain injury, ought to be a preordained death sentence. For too many secularists, this whole macabre process is tantamount to a victory over the forces of religion, rather than a poignant human tragedy compounded by a ghoulish execution.

For some reason, the conviction of those who believe in the divine fills the scientific rationalists with unreasoning rage.

The refusal of the federal courts to hear the last-ditch appeals of Terri Schiavo's parents has caused some of their number to respond with glee. That response is doubtless due to the feeling that Republicans and conservatives have suffered a political defeat, so it can and should be dismissed as merely partisan and ideological.

But as you read this, in a Florida hospice, a woman is being starved to death, and nothing can stop it from happening now. This is not something that anyone should celebrate.