Thursday, March 17


Have you been following the back-and-forth, good-natured sparring between Jeff Jarvis and Michelle Malkin on the relative impact of (and I'm one of them) the millions of bloggers who reside in the tail of the blogosphere -- that no man's land of few hits, fewer readers, and even fewer links? An interesting series of posts at Sifry's Alerts (click here and here, too) is providing most of the fodder for Jeff's and Michelle's repartee, as Jeff joins David Sifry (founder and CEO of Technorati) in extolling the power and influence of "the tail," while Michelle seems determined to dig her heels in on behalf of the "Top 100" Blogs and their overarching clout, of which she is indubitably a high-ranking, influential contributor. Michelle remains convinced that most tail-dwelling bloggers either update (i.e., "post") very infrequently or are simply spam-spore progeny, and that their numbers, accordingly, while consequential in size, are inconsequential in impact. I think what she's getting at is you could take, as an example, 999 clones of me, set up an additional 999 blogs (beyond just my own "A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT"), place me and my clones at 1,000 keyboards, and have us type away around the clock and we'd likely never come close to approaching the impact of Michelle's journalistic reach and influence in the blogosphere at her single site. And, I'd have to agree.

But, Michelle, you don't have to rub it in so much!!!!!!!! Jeff Jarvis seems to have a kinder, gentler nature in his pontifications on our million-plus points of light in the tail. And as does David, our cheerful ally!