Wednesday, March 2


Ilona at True Grit writes this thoughtful post, bringing her own sensitive, gentle perspective to the Terri Schiavo case. She's right, of course. In many ways this back-and-forth legal brouhaha is akin to the Roman circuses and the capricious way in which the uproarious crowds voted life or death with their thumbs. But her most telling comment is in writing that "the Schiavo case is exposing the whole system, and it is with great sadness that we view these things." Let's pray that the ardent lobbying of the blogosphere and the tireless legal work of the Schindlers' attorney are not, as Ilona fears may come to pass, "suffocated under the many layers of precedence." As she rightly alludes, it is a long slippery slope when a society begins to designate those for whom the sanctity of life is no longer protected by law, and, worse, when that same society begins to think that its laws should transcend those of God's.