Monday, March 28


JunkYardBlog has published what I regard to be a critically important, must-read post on the subject of the polling that has been conducted on the Terri Schiavo controversy and published in the legacy media -- polling which portrays the vast majority of Americans as thinking that the court-ordered removal of Terri's feeding tube was the right thing to do.

That media push polling is what has had this blog and lots of other pro-Terri blogs up in arms this past week. It seemed like every other day or so a new press poll would debut with worse numbers for Terri than polls the day before. The American people, known for our generosity in helping the unfortunate more than perhaps any other people in the world, seemed to be saying "Ah, take the vegetable off life support and let her die." Which was odd, because Terri isn't a vegetable, has never been on life support and the only way she'll die is if we allow some judge to withhold food and water from her. We have been allowing that crime to progress for more than a week, even witnessing the arrest of 10-year-olds who apparently have more of a conscience than the average American adult. Hopefully that isn't true.

Question whether these polls have become grist for the mill for the Right-To-Die secularists? If so, read this and this.

UPDATE: Here's a post at Polipundit on the same subject and with additional links worth reading.