Wednesday, March 23



What gets measured gets done.

Thus far, you have been unable to prevail upon the Florida Senate to pass the needed legislation to save Theresa Schindler Schiavo.

Thus far, you have been unsuccessful in utilizing the appropriate Florida agencies to save Theresa Schindler Schiavo.

You are a good man, a moral man, an honest man. So am I; but I am not governor. You are. I cannot do what you are empowered to do. I can only plead with you to act.

You are the Chief Executive in the State of Florida and, thus far, have failed to utitlize fully your executive powers under Florida's Constitution to save Theresa Schindler Schiavo.

Under Article 4, Section 8, of that Constitution, you may, with the approval of two of your cabinet members, restore the civil rights of any Florida citizen. So why have you not acted?

The supreme executive power is vested in you, as governor (Article IV, Section 1), so why do you play Hamlet with Theresa Schindler-Schiavo's life? Why do you vascillate? Why do you defer to a circuit court judge? Is George Greer the governor? He seems to control life and death in your state with iron-clad authority.

Is the Governor of Florida a supreme executive or simply a figurehead? The Consitution clearly asserts the former, while your ineffectiveness to date declares the latter.

What gets measured gets done.

Voters will vote on the basis of results, not just good intentions. Politicians in Florida and politicians in Washington D.C. will not be heralded for merely trying. Results get you returned to office or on to higher office. Failure gets you chased.

Good intentions are but yesterday's news. Charisma has no currency when the life of an innocent, defenseless woman is at stake. Results have currency.

What is occurring in your state and on your watch is an abomination -- an egregious example of judicial tyranny. Where are the checks and balances; where is the right to life and liberty? Where is the governor?

Can a cognitively-disabled woman be starved and dehydrated to death in your state without the governor protecting her civil rights? I know you cannot do that to golden eagles, dogs, cats, or cattle in Florida.

If Theresa Schindler Schiavo dies, there will be long memories among voters -- long memories, indeed.

You, your state's legislature, your brother The President, and the United States Congress have all failed, as I write this, to save Theresa Schindler Schiavo. The performance to date has been woefully substandard. There will be accountability should this woman die.

Please -- DO SOMETHING! -- or legions of us will in the voting booths.



NOTE #1: This was emailed to Governor Bush within the last hour.

NOTE #2: I urge you to read this compelling column by James Atticus Bowden.

NOTE #3: Do read this, please!