Wednesday, March 2


BlogsforTerri links today to an exceptional post by Donald B. Hawthorne of Anchor Rising. This is a must read and is the third post at that blog that form a compelling series on the Terri Schindler-Schiavo life-and-death legal tangle. Whether you consider yourself well-versed on this controversy or you're just now getting involved, do read Donald's post. Indeed, every bit as important as Terri's physical and mental status (i.e., is she in a "permanent vegetative state" or merely "cognitively-disabled") are the unseemly motives of her husband, Michael Schiavo, his attorney and right-to-die advocate, George Felos, and Circuit Court Judge George Greer. The more you read, the more the plot thickens. Indeed this whole controversy and its soon-to-be victim, Terri Schindler-Schiavo (unless higher courts intervene to save her, as we pray they do) is a Shakespearean tragedy in the making. Moreover, it's a tragedy with sweeping ramifications, apart from the personal tragedy that may befall the Schindler family. The Michael Schiavo-George Felos-Judge Greer phalanx bespeaks the growing, European-style, secularization movement in this country. We, who are a part of the BlogsforTerri and ProLifeBlogs movement, form in the blogosphere a much-needed countervailing force against this dangerous tide.