Wednesday, March 2


Immigration reform and far tougher border security measures have been among the short list of pressing issues important to me, and for which I normally devote considerable writing time to in this blog. And I have found time and again that Michelle Malkin's reporting in these areas is as first-rate as the other issues she champions. In this important post Michelle links to an appalling scenario in which the Mexican Mafia -- aided and abetted by our country's all too lax border security measures -- is cultivating marijuana in our federal forests. That's such an OUTRAGE! And in my mind it is a byproduct of the Bush Administration's naive view of the illegal alien problem, seeing it as essentially innocuous and a much-needed source of labor for jobs that Americans refuse to perform.

Just how upsetting is this to me and the whole aspect of compromised borders and millions of illegals entering our country each year? If John Kerry and the Democrats had made a persuasive case that they would get tough -- real tough -- and make this a front-burner issue, given how integral border security is to homeland security, then I might well have voted for Kerry over Bush, and particularly if Kerry had pledged to order a major round-up and deportation campaign, whatever the cost. But, fact is, as bad as Bush is on this major issue, the Democrats as a party are even worse. They're proponents of open borders and that is utterly ridiculous in a post-"9/11" period.

Many thanks to Michelle and the other right-center bloggers who devote a lot of effort to this issue.