Friday, March 11


I want to apologize to readers of A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT for my unexplained, unanticipated absence. I've missed posting, reading your comments, and blogging to my heart's content. I was particularly touched by the fact that some of you sent me emails wondering why ACSOL had not been updated in awhile and whether I was all right. Thank you for expressing those concerns and for missing my writing. Believe me, I've missed the keyboard and the joy tapping away on it Walter Winchell-style brings me. While life takes me in other directions, as it does for so many of us, my genuine passions are reading and writing.

So you know, I am just fine. I had some unexpected personal matters to attend to, and now I'm back and I just hope over time my readership will return and begin growing again, as I'm afraid I have managed over the past week to reverse some momentum that had finally begun building for this blog. As so many of we whose blogs reside squarely in the "tail of the blogosphere" know all too well, building readerships is no small challenge, particularly for the neophyte bloggers who are feeling their way; and, oftentimes we are left with the sinking feeling that, more often than not, we are writing mostly to ourselves and not truly trading in ideas and viewpoints -- not near as much as we would like, anyway. But, that's the challenge and the opportunity -- to gain a following!

As always, I thank you for visiting my site, leaving a "Comment" when you feel so inclined, and, to be sure, for linking to my posts or, even better, for placing A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT in your blogroll, which, of course, is the ultimate compliment (and for which I am truly grateful).