Monday, March 21


U.S. District Court Judge James D. Whittemore, during his tenure on the federal bench since being appointed in 1999 by President Bill Clinton, has faithfully adhered to the "The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act". Indeed, he fined Mylon L. Stockton $90,000 and Mark A. Borinsky $10,000, while sentencing both men to one year's probation, for having felled a pine tree on Borinsky's property in Venice, Florida, that had a visible eagle's nest in it. Apart from being able to see it, both men had additionally been advised by a neighbor of the location of the eagle's nest. Nonetheless, they cut the tree down with a chainsaw and handled the pine tree in such a way as to cause the nest to dislodge from the tree. Following this violation of federal law, the men exacerbated their misdeed by cutting down additional trees on the property, which in turn fell directly on the nest on the ground, thus destroying it.

As I and others have written in endless posts in the blogosphere, and as members of Congress, as well as Terri's brother, have persistently pointed out, convicted murderers sentenced to death in this country are guaranteed rights of "due process" under the U.S. Constitution and are afforded thorough reviews of their cases through the appeals' process at the Federal court level. It only follows that Terri Schindler-Schiavo deserves that which is provided under the law for the likes of Scott Peterson.

I just hope and pray that Judge Whittemore shows, and in a timely manner, the same level of concern for Terri's plight, as he correctly demonstrated for those eagles that had nested in that pine tree. I suspect that Nancy Pelosi is more inclined to fret over eagles and other endangered species (not ignoble of her, I should add), than over a hapless woman warehoused by her husband in a Florida hospice (ignoble of her and absolutely unconscionable).