Tuesday, March 1


The terrisfight.org site informs that Circuit Court Judge George Greer of Florida's Pinellas-Pasco's Sixth Circuit has denied out of hand, without benefit of formal hearings, a flurry of motions filed by attorney David Gibbs, III on behalf of his clients, Bob and Mary Schindler. The Schindlers, of course, have been engaged in a pitted, back and forth, legal battle for years now with their son-in-law Michael Schiavo over the fate of their cognitively-disabled daughter Terri, who is confined to a hospice room, presently awaiting her grisly fate -- i.e., Judge Greer's ruling of February 25th requiring that Terri's husband Michael direct doctors to remove permanently Terri's gastric feeding tube at 1:00pm on March 18th, a ruling tantamount to an execution by the state.

The Schindlers were seeking from the court, and altogether reasonably so: 1) updated neurological evaluations of their daughter to take advantage of technologies (e.g., MRI testing) unavailable or improved upon since Terri's brain damage in 1990; 2) the deposing of their son-in-law Michael, who is Terri Schiavo's legal guardian; 3) the authority to provide their daughter with updated rehabilitative protocols; 4) a petition for divorce, citing husband Michael's flagrant adultery and his fathering of two children by another woman while still legally married to Terri; 5) an objection to the guardian's annual guardianship plan; and, 6) a renewed request, based upon an earlier motion filed in November, 2002 (and still not ruled on by the court), to remove Michael Schiavo as Terri's legal guardian.

All these requests were summarily denied by Judge Greer. Instead, and this takes on an undeniably macabre aspect, the judge will only entertain motions that are confined to the "death process" itself, which of course betrays what he has signaled is his unalterable decision in this case (absent intervention by the appellate court) that she is to die. Indeed, Judge Greer has made it cyrstal clear that he will only rule on motions from the Schindlers' attorney that seek to establish certain protocols of Terri Schiavo's court-ordered death through starvation and dehydration -- namely, where she will die, who might visit her during the gruesome death process that may take as long as twenty (20) days, where she will be buried, and so forth. The judge has closed his mind entirely to any considerations of reversing his decision of February 25th, pointing steadfastly to 1:00pm EST on March 18th as the formal ringing of the death knell for the Schindlers' daughter. This "death process," of course, has already been visited upon Terri Schindler-Schiavo two times previously, the most recent stopped in its sixth day of progression on October 21, 2003, by Florida's Governor Jeb Bush, as a result of the Florida legislature's emergency passage of the "Terri Law." The "Terri Law" was subsequently overturned as unconstitutional by the courts.

Most damning (and I quote directly from terrisfight.org) are the following charges that Judge Greer is denying Terri her due process under the law by looking askance at what Michael Schiavo has done and failed to do while designated as his wife's legal guardian:

... the Foundation finds the behavior of Judge Greer an absolute obstruction of due process for Terri Schiavo by his refusal to hold the guardian accountable for violation of Florida’s guardian laws. The guardian has spent Terri Schiavo’s medical fund on representing his own legal interests, has denied her necessary medical services, lives in open adultery with his girlfriend and their two children, has petitioned the courts to cremate Terri immediately upon her death and has repeatedly and flagrantly failed to comply with Florida Statutes that mandate the terms of guardianship. Judge Greer couldn’t be bothered with those details so long as Terri Schiavo’s death is a guaranteed outcome.

Meanwhile, people and organizations continue to join the fray and rally to the Schindlers' cause, as March 18th fast approaches. The National Right to Life Committee has published a Save Terri Hotline (202-378-8850) at its site and is disseminating information about the case. The Pro-Life Action League has waded in "joining an eleventh hour effort to save the life of Terri Schiavo." Indeed, the PLAL has issued a special appeal at its site. It's a must read for supporters of the Schindlers and Terri's cause. Priests For Life has published a statement at its site from the Florida Bishops, in which they challenge: where does the state get the authority to starve people? Popular talk show radio host and political analyst Michael Reagan, son of former president Ronald Reagan, has issued a statement ("Legalized Murder Looms in Florida") in support of Terri. It can be found at a sterling site, Children of God For Life. The Catholic Medical Association (CMA) has issued a formal statement, published at the American Life League. And, to be sure, there are more ... many more!

Most are aware of the two most pertinent lobbying sites in the blogosphere, but they bear repeating: BlogsforTerri and ProLifeBlogs, both of which have performed admirably in organizing bloggers and generating a blog swarm in support of the Schindler Family and Terri Schindler-Schiavo's right-to-life. Their leadership is as commendable, as it is tireless.

Lastly, and there are countless illuminating posts and germane documentation worthy of your attention, but may I recommend three in particular in this post for your perusal:

"Killing Terri Schiavo" by Rev. Robert Johansen, as published in "Crisis Magazine."

Terri Schiavo: Due process denied?", by John W. Kurowski, Founder, American Constitutional Research Service, and as linked by Wittenberg Gate.

This compelling document issued by the Schindlers' lawyer, David C. Gibbs, III and as linked in this post by yours truly.