Wednesday, March 2


There's been a hue and cry of late over increasing the importation of drugs from Canada to lower the cost of prescriptions here. After reading this Associated Press (AP) piece, I'm far more concerned that a movement will begin in this country to import really cheap prescription drugs from India. I had always read that the Amazon rain forest was the world's greatest potential source of new drugs and elixirs, not bovine bladders. But, apparently that's not the case anymore. Now the country that gave the world the Taj Mahal and the AOL "Help Desk" is preparing to give it cow urine in the form of tonics, potions, and pills. Lucky us! Progress!

Can't you just imagine the warning label on a bottle of "Mumbai Rupani's Sacred Liniment" -- in instances, though rare, of continuous urination lasting for more than four hours, see your physician immediately.