Saturday, March 26


BlogsforTerri, via a NewsMax report, advised this morning that Michael Schiavo plans to have Terri Schiavo cremated after her death and her remains taken to Pennsylvania and buried in a cemetery plot owned by Michael's family. Just as he has restricted visitation rights for Terri's parents and siblings (and priests) during this macabre and protracted death watch, harrassing them at every turn, now he intends that Terri's gravesite be as inconvenient to the family as possible. And this man is seen as some kind of hero by the right-to-die crowd? I've yet to read any quotes attributed to Michael that Terri, in addition to expressing her desire while in her twenties to die by death and starvation should she ever become disabled, also wanted to be cremated. I guess as her court-sanctioned legal guardian he could roll her off the stern of a shrimp trawler if he wanted to. Judge Greer is a one-man cheerleading team for anything Michael contemplates doing to this hapless woman.

Then I listened this afternoon to Laurie Dhue of Fox Cable News report that Michael's attorney George Felos held a press conference today outside of the hospice where Terri is being deprived of food and water (and has been for eight days now) and reported that she looks beautiful, serene, comfortable, and is not in any imminent danger of dying. Those gross distortions are purposefully designed to contradict Bob and Mary Schindler, as well as Terri's brother and sister, and to mollify the outrage over this court-sponsored execution of a severely handicapped woman. Of course, what else would you expect from a euthanasia activist.

George Felos is unctuous, but his smoothness before the microphones doesn't obscure his ghoulish bent; Michael Schiavo, by contrast, articulates his betrayal of his wife through his sinister expressions and cold-blooded demeanor before the cameras. His mission cannot be camouflaged. The actions and rationalizations of each are ever more despicable with each passing day of Theresa's suffering and her parents' heartache. They and Judge George Greer have delighted in scripting a human tragedy for the world stage.