Thursday, March 17


Fox News features this article today in a continuing, 5-part series on the mounting impact of this nation's porous southern border and vexing illegal alien problem. It must sit real well with Arizonans, particularly those struggling to make ends meet with high mortgage payments to know that "one in six" inmates in their state's jail system is a Mexican national who has illegally emigrated to the United States. Nothing like working to meet a house payment, as well as a tax bill that includes subsidized housing for illegals. The per diem, tax-funded costs, to keep an illegal behind bars is $47.00; and, if that doesn't seem like too much, do understand that just Maricopa County alone in Arizona has had to shell out "$50+ million in the last seven years to jail illegal immigrant inmates." That's $50 million dollars that could have funded infrastructure and services vital to Arizona's American citizens!

And don't think for a minute that this enormous blight that is the illegal alien problem does not spread its tentacles elsewhere, ravaging Americans in untold ways, far beyond just the costs of law enforcement. Look at healthcare costs, for example, or education or welfare. Every taxpayer in America is subsidizing the enormous, enervating costs of what the Bush Administration and Congress have failed to deal with forcefully. The politicians are turning a deaf ear to us and we ought to be boiling mad about it.

As Frank Laughter points out: "10% of Mexico's population lives in the United States." And while they send home about $8 billion in remittances each year to Mexico, it costs every American household between $166 to $226 per year -- every native American household -- to subsidize their stay here! In Mexico, charity doesn't begin at home. It begins and ends in the United States of America.