Wednesday, March 30


I don't think so, not on the thorny, but all too clear problem of illegal immigration. And I agree wholeheartedly with Frank Laughter that the sudden decision of the president's to place 500 additional U.S. Border Patrol agents on the Arizona-Mexico border is not driven by a newfound recognition of this country's preeminent national security problem.

No, it came instead on the heels of a recent meeting with Presidente Vicente Fox at Baylor University and with a serious problem looming that U.S. citizens' efforts to do what the government and both major political parties refuse to do may turn into a bloodbath. Add to that fact that Fox had the gaul to demand intervention by Bush in heading off the Minutemen and in protecting the rights of illegals and you understand, in part at least, what has motivated the president.

It would be a lot more reassuring to know that George Bush had come to his senses and had begun recognizing the illegal immigration problem for what it is and the egregiously reckless situation in which he and the Congress had placed U.S. Border Patrol officers. But don't hold your breath.

After all, if a presidential epiphany had occurred or was on the immediate horizon, a conservative journalist-blogger like Michelle Malkin would not have felt compelled to organize a new group blog to focus exclusively on illegal immigration.

The nation is being poorly served by President Bush in terms of its border security and the Department of Homeland Security will never be taken seriously until those borders have been secured.