Thursday, March 17


My Irish roots are primarily on my paternal side and go back four generations to my great-grandfather James Patrick Higgins, an Irish emigrant to America and son of Patrick James O'Higgins of County Sligo, Ireland. James Patrick Higgins' German wife, and for reasons the family is not entirely clear on (but presumes it may have been the result of the strong anti-Irish animus in America at the time), insisted that James have the "O" legally dropped in his name. Growing up, I recall vividly how our family always honored the day and proudly boasted of our Irish heritage, just as my wife and I continued the tradition in our own family, as she's of strong Irish stock on her maternal side. To be sure, the corned beef and cabbage will be simmering this afternoon in our kitchen!

The History Channel does a nice job in providing information on St. Patrick and the history of the day, including a video clip that's very well done.

Just call me "Bernardo O'Higgins" all day today! And remember to wear something green!