Thursday, March 17


Are you as tired of the word "closure" and its continued banal use by the media, as I? If so, forgive my use of the word in this post's headline and know that I am using it in an entirely sarcastic context. I don't think for a minute that there's ever any "closure" in grieving over the loss of a loved one and there will certainly not be for this confused woman, whose appalling story (confession?) is linked at Irish Law. Of course, I don't think love ever entered into this story whatsoever, except maybe in the form of self-love and unctuous self-pity. I do hope a troubled conscience does, however, and a large enough dose of self-loathing that she never does this sort of abominable thing again in her lifetime.

It takes all kinds, I suppose, to detract from our humanity and in ways hard for even the most callous among us to envision. Nothing like a four-course meal, a bowl of ice cream, and a couple of good movies to put the immediacy of having just aborted your son or daughter out of your head. Frankly, I'm not interested in the least about this "mother's" healing process. I'm troubled instead by the death of an innocent human being who wound up in a medical waste receptacle. Wonder what "mom" studied at the university? Obviously not morality, ethics, or Christian theology.