Saturday, March 12


Doesn't this just take all? If there's any question "left" that traditionalist-conservative Americans must step up their fight against the forces of radical Liberalism, then stories such as this ought to dispel apathy and become lightening rods for concerted action.

Terri Schindler-Schiavo, come March 18th, will begin her long, painful, court-ordered death by starvation and dehydration, while across the country, thousands of miles from her lock-down hospice cell in Florida, Nebraska's felons will enjoy the right to vote in any election, and no matter how egregious their past crimes. Terri cannot preserve her own life against the malevolent forces conspiring against her and her parents, but the bleeding hearts have once again rallied to the cause of those who rob, rape, kidnap, maim and kill. A convicted arsonist can help elect a governor in Nebraska; a governor in Florida is thwarted by the courts in helping Terri.

Felony Disfranchisement these Liberal wonders call it -- a convoluted buzz term for reintegrating into society those who have ravaged it in the most despicable and violent ways.

How about Cognitively Disabled Disfranchisement? No, that'll gain no traction with these do-gooders.

Nebraska is not alone, of course. In fact, a majority of states have done this very thing. But I regard it as a travesty.

The ACLU frets over the voting rights of felons, but aids and abets the process by which a disabled woman will die a gruesome, protracted, painful death and in a manner that the ACLU would find unthinkable in a state's death house.

Is prohibiting the removal of a gastric feeding tube from a defenseless woman less important a cause then preserving the voting rights of hardcore criminals? It is if you're hellbent on a secular society that eschews moral dictums and would rather banish Christian crosses, then buttress a Judeo-Christian ethos.

Are you getting madder? You should be!