Friday, March 18


Reports indicate that Terri Schiavo's parents were forced to leave the hospice room just before her feeding tube was removed this afternoon. As a parent, I know their heartache is unfathomable. We've all been doing everything we know how to help the Schindler's cause (and humanity's cause), but we're not walking in their shoes and they must be so terribly inconsolable. To have a court rule that your offspring must die a slow, terrible, undignified death is so beyond the pale. And they've been through this before with Terri's life beginning to pass. My God. "Unconscionable" keeps coming to mind. How can any of us possibly bring comfort to them now? Perhaps only God Himself can. But I offer this to Mary Schindler, who by all reckoning has been a loving, caring, thoroughly devoted mother and someone who Terri has responded to whenever Mary has been at her bedside. I simply feel Mary needs to know that we love her too. She's a woman and she needs our arms around her.


Dear gentle hands have stroked my hair
And cooled my brow,
Soft hands that pressed me close
And seemed to know somehow
Those fleeting moods and erring thoughts
That cloud my day,
Which quickly melt beneath their suffrage
And pass away.

No other balm for earthly pain
Is half so sure,
No sweet caress so filled with love
Nor half so pure,
No other soul so close akin that understands,
No touch that brings such perfect peace
As Mother's hands.

-W. Dayton Wedgefarth-