Wednesday, March 30


Justin Katz, among my favorite writers in the blogosphere, points in this post to his blog's slippage in John Hawkin's quarterly ranking of his "40 Favorite Blogs" and seems dismayed that he's been unable to do more writing of late and laments that his talent (which I think is considerable) has not been on display sufficiently to sustain his popularity (at least with John). Well, if "A Certain Slant of Light" was wedged in between any two sets of blogs on Mr. Hawkin's list (or even dead last, for that matter), this writer would be proud as punch.

Interesting, isn't it, that in revealing both a bit of discouragement in where "Dust In The Light" landed, while noting how the "circumstantial perceptions" of others may well distort our own essential value as human beings, Justin arrives at a sublime truth: that despite such misappraisals, real or perceived, we are all -- each and every one of us -- equal in the sight of God and our fundamental humanity cannot be depreciated or distorted no matter whether the trappings of what we do in life or the occasional honors bestowed upon us are humble or extravagant.

In this regard, there was no dust in the light in the crystal clarity of Justin's observations. Keep writing, Justin, whenever and wherever you're able to!