Thursday, March 3


If you're a poliblogger, then there are two must read posts today about how the government may be plotting to impinge upon your basic First Amendment rights. Read these, and especially their links, in their entirety. Political blogging and Internet-based punditry may become circumscribed if we and Congress don't act. Seems there are those who think pontificating at one's keyboard about things political may constitute organized political activity. As such, certain types of posts and links may fall prey to the oversight of the federal government. Big-Brother is watching!

Michelle Malkin


Yet additional reasons why I'm no longer enamored with "maverick" John McCain and why activist judges -- those black-robed dictators -- irk me to no end.

For good measure (I trust this interests you greatly), take time for Polipundit, as well, on this subject -- enough cannot be said about the prospect of such abridgement.

By the way, and why you'd want to do this will become more obvious once you read the two posts and their links, Professor Bainbridge provides links so that you can tell Senators McCain and Feingold what you think about having your "Freedom of Speech" abridged on the Internet. This is important stuff, so add it to your TO DO list.