Friday, March 4


Canadian beef growers are "devastated"
and wringing their hands that a U.S. District judge ruled yesterday that beef imports from Canada be held in abeyance because of "continuing mad-cow fears," referring to yesterday's ruling as a "black day for the livestock industry in North America." Well, we should remind our neighbors to the north that we've had our fair share of "black days" given their versions of neighborliness. Some that come to mind: Canada has opted not to participate in the United States' missle defense system and even though it does not have the wherewithal to protect its own country or its freedoms (indeed, U.S. taxpayers foot much of the bill for NORAD, as an example of Canada shirking its national defense responsibilities); Canada has consistently denounced the U.S.-led war in Iraq, has refused to participate, and its prime minister at the time opposed regime change, thereby lending his nation's support to Saddam Hussein; Canada, just as it did during the Vietnam War, has been willfully harboring U.S. military defectors; Canada has failed, post-"9/11," to tighten up its porous contiguous border with the United States and crack down on terrorist groups operating inside its own country (indeed, Hezbollah, as an example, is not even identified by Canada as an illegal organization); neither Canada's government, nor its people, place a high priority on anti-terrorism, preferring instead to be cast all too conveniently as "promoters of peace"; and, of course, it makes we Americans feel warm all over the way Canadians greeted the arrival of our president in Ottawa; and, of course, Canada was once again the largest exporter to the United States in 2004 at $256 billion and the resulting U.S. trade deficit with Canada was $65.7 billion.

Canada, and particularly its eastern Liberal Establishment, ought to develop some manners and think just where they would find themselves were its southern neighbor not the kind of country America is. Quit worrying about your cattle and start worrying about your people and their safety! And quit being so damn ludicrous about so many things: and, by the way, OH CANADA, if incoming enemy missles aimed at North American targets ever venture into Canadian airspace the United States will shoot them out of the sky with or without your silly government's permission! As Bill O'Reilly would say, STOP BEING RIDICULOUS!