Sunday, March 27


Corie Schweitzer of "Insane Troll Logic" -- a fellow blogger, Professor of English, and Assistant Chairman of the English Department at Houston Community College -- has invited me to be a panelist in a panel discussion on blogging at the college on April 5th and I have gratefully accepted. Corie's blog is in my blogroll (under "Quid Pro Quo") and if you have not read her writing previously I urge you to do so.

If you live in the greater Houston area and are able to attend, I'll look forward to meeting you there. I must admit to some concern about Corie (who will be the panel discussion's moderator) brandishing a stun gun. I've been told more than a few times in my life that I have a propensity for being long-winded verbally and, as readers of this site have come to know, anything but pithy in my posts. It follows, then, that Corie at some point during the panel discussion may be compelled to take dead aim and the thought of me flopping around on the floor while dozens and dozens of college students and faculty look on is ... well ... downright nightmarish.

So I urge you in advance of April 5th to earnestly importune Corie (yes, that was a split infinitive, Professor Schweitzer) to go easy on me and holster her Flash Gordon weapon. Meanwhile, I commit to watching Gary Cooper in "High Noon" at least a dozen times in advance of my appearance on campus in order to learn how to emulate his character's (Marshall Kane's) gift of pith, particularly while under intense stress, which is what I'll be experiencing in front of that microphone and audience. And, for good measure, I'll forsake my love of William Faulkner and James Joyce, and read instead a bit of Earnest Hemingway over the next week. Indeed, I'll try my best to emulate his austere, noun-predicate (sans adjectives and adverbs) writing style by authoring a book of my own -- "Old Man For A Fee" -- in anticipation of my morning with Corie and my co-panelist colleagues.