Friday, March 11


The Associated Press (AP) reports this morning that former president Bill Clinton is in "good spirits," recovering from elective surgery yesterday to drain liquid and remove scar tissue from his left lung owing to unexpected complications -- "pleural effusion" -- from heart bypass surgery performed six months ago. The "decortication" surgery yesterday ended up taking far longer (four hours) than originally thought and what had been expected to be a less invasive procedure had to be scuttled for what ended up being a far more invasive surgical technique requiring a separation of his ribs and much larger incision to get at the lower lobe of his left lung.

My father required an "open lung biopsy" some years back and was in considerable pain and discomfort afterwards. Clinton has been described as "resting comfortably," but I doubt it. Surgery is surgery, and when you separate ribs and tissue, and cut and scrape on the lung, the pain following even such a "routine procedure" will be intense. Indeed, he may be hospitalized for up to ten (10) days.

As Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris discussed on "The Factor" last night, Bill Clinton has not looked well since his heart bypass surgery, appearing quite gaunt and fatigued. Let's hope he regains his health. President Clinton gave me heartburn throughout his two terms in office and I was not in any way, shape, or form an admirer of him or his presidency. But, that aside, I wish him no malice and I think his work in partnership with former president George Bush ('41) on Asian tsunami relief has been commendable.