Monday, March 21


Unless it's just posturing (and why would that have any effect subsequent to the hearing), Michael Schiavo's attorney, George Felos, sounds very optimistic with respect to the ruling that as yet has not been forthcoming from Judge James D. Whittemore. He just appeared on Fox Cable News before a bank of microphones, saying that he was impressed with Judge Whittemore, that the judge will not succumb to public pressure, and that the Constitution will be preserved. Did he pick up clear signals in terms of the judge's questions and comments during the hearing?

I am not optimistic for the simple reason that the judge, like everyone else in this country, had to have been aware of what Congress and the president were doing last night and early this morning vis-a-vis the Terri Schiavo legal controversy. And he had to know that he might be the Federal judge who would be asked to rule on this matter. From my point of view, the fact that he did not immediately order when handed the case that Terri's nourishment and hydration be restored pending his ruling betrayed a likely proclivity to sustain the lower court's ruling in this matter. After all, Terri has gone over 75 hours now without food or water. Time is of the essence. She could fail at any time from complications related to her ordeal. Why couldn't the judge have at least ensured that her life was sustained while he considered the matter? To me, it's very telling. I pray that I am wrong in my presumptions.

FOLLOW-UP: Read Judge Whittemore's quote here.