Wednesday, February 2


First, before the raging lunatic Left accuses me of something I'm not in favor of, let me say that I don't abide censorship or book-burning. I know that in order to live in a free society in which freedom of expression is a sacred right that not everything that's published will be agreeable to me or fall neatly into a fitting moral code or objective, well-thought political philosophy. Just won't happen. And were I of that mindset, I wouldn't, as an example, have certain blogs blogrolled on my site.

The above said, I can't help but share with you a "Letter To The Editor" published in this morning's edition of the Houston Chronicle. And if any of you on the Left (or, worse, left-of-Left) have strayed into my blog by happenstance, and choose to read this post in its entirety, kindly understand that Houston's mayor didn't ban the book cited, but merely had it removed from the display windows of the city's public libraries, where the book was not so much a publication in the stacks, but a product being marketed. Alas, if that nuance makes a difference at all to you deep thinkers.

Here's the epistle:

I was both shocked and disappointed that Mayor Bill White peremptorily pulled the book How To Make Love Like A Porn Star from the best-seller displays in various public libraries. I presume this was because some right-wing prudes complained. Maybe the mayor should try reading the Bill of Rights -- it takes a dim view of censorship. Maybe I'll have second thoughts before I vote for him again.