Saturday, February 19


The "Wall Street Journal's" editorial board remains clearly, unalterably, unconscionably on point in this piece arguing yet again for the equivalent of open borders and unencumbered asylum. Towards this end, it continues to try to whip up a frenzy of paranoia over the notion of national I.D. cards. Fact is, "WSJ" hasn't seen a piece of legislation aimed at heightened border control and immigration reform that it didn't want to scuttle. They betray their agenda yet again in this editorial. Indeed they have the audacity to write about gainfully employed Mexican illegals as if that should be a bonafide category on an EEOC form and each should win some kind of American Capitalism award for emigrating to this country illegally and going to work for an employer who is knowingly violating the law. Homeland Security remains a misnomer until the thorny illegal alien problem is solved and the borders are sealed.

And let me add that if President Bush were to veto the Real I.D. Act, as the "WSJ" editorial board urges him to do, he'll have hell to pay with conservative Republicans and we're already itching for a fight over signals from the president in recent days that he may backpeddle, as his father did, on a campaign commitment not to raise taxes. That "political capital" he keeps talking about leveraging will be short-lived if he keeps this up. Indeed, it'll become so much Fool's Gold.