Tuesday, February 15


I'm sure by now you've all read this item in the Drudge Report about Chris Rock doing his level best to hype his upcoming appearance as the host of the Academy Awards Show. I say "hype," because his profanity-laced rants (under the guise of "comedic monologues") are designed to tintillate the synapses of Hollywood's effete liberals, for whom the F-word and egregious affrontery have become staples of their conduct. Rock's selection just continues the downhill slide of the Hollywood film industry and much of what it produces. James Cagney must be turning over in his grave.

Depending on your age, those who remember Bob Hope's years of emceeing "Oscar Night," or Johnny Carson for that matter (and both were wonderful comics and entertainers), never remember turning off the television set at the conclusion of the show and making a dash for the shower. Quite the contrary. But, more and more, crass behavior and ribald remarks are the order of the day -- that's the Hollywood culture after all, and that's why red-state Americans have had enough.

Because I'm irrevocably Pro-Life and, truth be known, often wear a comfortable, ballcap-style hat sporting an American flag when I'm blogging or working in the yard, I think it only appropriate to boycott this year's broadcast and avoid Chris Rock's assault on my convictions, age, and choice of headgear. I refuse to be part of an audience that by tuning in blithely accepts the Hollywood community's annual affront to our sensibilities. I'll just watch a "Gunsmoke" rerun instead!