Wednesday, February 23


As regular readers of ACSOL know, illegal immigration and the long overdue need for a tightening of border security are among a handful of issues I address on a regular basis. With regard to the mistaken notion held among many on the Left in this country that we "righties" never challenge the president's policies, I have written on our porous borders countless times, and anyone conversant with current affairs knows that conservative republicans are up in arms over the president's failure to stop the throngs of illegal aliens from entering this country (estimated at 3.0+ million annually). Indeed, the whole issue of national security, immigration control, and free markets converge at a nexus of huge controversy in the Congress and among the myriad constituencies it represents.

In recent weeks, I have pointed to the president's regrettable backpedaling on his commitment to fund an additional 2,000 U.S. Border Patrol agents in 2006. To me, that is unconscionable in an age of terrorism and the need for heightened national security, and many center-right republicans have long feared that the president was less concerned about illegal aliens than about placating Presidente Vicente Fox and corporate interests in America (including the "Wall Street Journal").

Now this story from USA Today, posted at the Drudge Report, further serves to accentuate my fundamental disagreement with the president. And, in terms of the article's account of 65,814 other-than-Mexicans crossing our southwestern border illegally in 2004, it makes me even more convinced that much of what passes for "Homeland Security" in this country is just plain silliness and yet another big government, bureaucratic monstrosity.