Sunday, February 27


Reverend Pat Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, is quoted in this WorldNetDaily column by Art Moore as having observed that, unlike the Nancy Cruzan story, the Terri Schindler-Schiavo controversy is drawing international attention, fanned in part by bloggers and the instantaneous communication possible via the Internet.

"There is much going on out there and clearly the faith-and-values community is being energized."

"The thing that has struck me as quite extraordinary is that the Cruzan story largely went under the news radar screen, but now 15 years later, with the advent of Internet bloggers, Internet news services, we have a way to instantly get the news out."

"I have neve been more optimistic about the future of our country as we find ways to get information out and see the country move dramatically to a more values-based position."

We all need some encouragement in our continued efforts to get the message out that Terri Schindler-Schiavo deserves continued life, not a gruesome death at the hands of her two-timing husband, who, despite his relationship with another woman, and having had two children by her, continues to refuse to divorce his wife Terri, to allow her parents, George and Mary Schiavo, or her brother Bobby, to become her legal guardian(s) and willingly assume responsibility as her caregiver(s), and to block much-needed therapy and rehabilitation treatments for a wife he's more intent on legally murdering than helping. Rev. Pat Mahoney provides such encouragement and we, who have aligned ourselves with BlogsforTerri and, must continue to be flag bearers in this noble cause and unflagging in using our keyboards!