Sunday, February 20


Some people just don't get it. The Kerry-Edwards ticket lost for just these kinds of reasons. But the retired ambulance chaser, now no doubt wailing and gnashing his teeth over President Bush's tort reform success, can't seem to resist sticking to his tired, careworn mantra. Despite the fact that George Bush hadn't been in office even a year when the tragedy of "9/11" befell this country, Edwards, ever the unctuous, "closing statement" spinmeister, was quoted by the Associated Press as saying that, "George Bush has helped make us a natural target" in the "Muslin world."

Well, Counselor Edwards, (you who couldn't even deliver his own home state for the Democratic ticket) you're obviously more gifted a trial lawyer than you are a presidential hopeful, vice presidential hopeful, Senator, or historian. Look instead to the Clinton Administration that weakened our military, eviscerated our intelligence services, and failed to return fire in the wake of (but one example) the terrorist attack on the U.S.S. Cole. And while your eyes are wide open (instead of wide shut), look at yours and Senator Kerry's sorry voting records on defense initiatives and funding for the war on terrorism.

Get off George Bush's back. Besides, and apart from your wife's serious health issue, your biggest problems are being out of office, having no executive experience, being unable to jettison the "Two Americas" stump speech that never gained any traction in the Red States, and facing the prospect of taking the thumping of your life from Hillary Clinton in 2008. GWB should be the least of your worries. Learn from him? After all, he dismissed you with no problem.

Oh, and while you're at it, reconsider, as Hillary was prudent in doing, your Pro-Choice position. Thousands of innocents see you the way you claim the Muslim world sees George Bush.