Sunday, February 20


Perry Bacon Jr., in this "Times" piece (scroll down), informs us that Hillary Rodham Clinton's "liberal rating" based on votes cast in the U.S. Senate is 80.7 versus John Kerry's nonpareil 85.7 (out of 100). He breathlessly points out: "In fact, Clinton wasn't even one of the top ten most liberal Senators last year (2004)."

I'll look forward to a reprise of Mr. Bacon's analysis this time next year, the year after that, and most certainly this time three years from now when Hillary will be in full battle dress, taking dead aim at the White House. By then her lifetime voting record in the U.S. Senate may come in under Senator Evan Bayh's sterling 61.7, as "It Takes A Village" Hillary will have continued in earnest her transmogrification into an erstwhile "centrist" to position herself for a full-scale assault on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Indeed, this may come to be known in the years ahead as one of the classic bait-n-switch gambits in all of American politics.