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George J. Felos, the lead attorney for Terri Schiavo's husband, Michael Schiavo, and a long-standing right-to-die and euthanasia proponent, has declared Terri Schiavo's cerebral cortex a giant black hole, according to a "Washington Post" story by Manuel Roig-Franzia, published in this morning's edition. I'll leave it to my readers to decide if this crass comment tops the one purportedly made by Terri's loving, two-timing hubby (and verified by nurses who heard it) -- namely, When is that bitch going to die? Quite a pair, aren't they?

Felos has been persistent in his claims that Terri Schindler Schiavo is "in a vegetative condition and has no consciousness." Such outlandish statements, of course, are all part of a concerted, ongoing campaign of propoganda, much of it promulgated in the mainstream media, aimed at convincing the public (and the courts) that Terri Schiavo is clinically brain-dead. The parents of Terri Schiavo, George and Mary Schindler, argue to the contrary that Terri is only "cognitively disabled" and, were they able to have certain medical tests performed on her (e.g., an MRI and a basic "swallowing test") that thus far her husband Michael and his attorney George Felos have successfully blocked, that it could be proven their daughter is not in a "persistent vegetative state." And, were that proven, it follows that special treatments and therapy for their daughter, similarly denied to date by husband and attorney, might just result in an improvment in her condition and, presumably, a release from the hospice where she has been confined.

I'm not a doctor, nor do I expect that most of my readers are. But commonsense tells me that when Michael Schiavo and George Felos base their case for pulling Terri's feeding tube exclusively on Michael's claim, not verified in any written declaration, let alone an executed "Living Will," that it was Terri's desire to die should fate ever deal her such a cruel blow, that it's unconscionable that this right-to-die duo not at least permit medical experts to conduct the tests necessary to ascertain whether or not Terri is, in point of fact, brain-dead. Does it not follow that they fear the results of such tests would undermine their determination to have this woman die an agonizing death through starvation and dehydration?

View this video and tell me if you were in a jury deliberation room that you wouldn't vote in the affirmative for such tests to be conducted before a feeding tube could be pulled? Tell me if your intuitive sense contradicts the notion that this woman is incapable of emotion, memory or thought.

Video of Terry Schindler Schiavo and her father George Schindler

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