Saturday, February 26


Betsy Newmark of Betsy's Page points to a projection from Polidata that bodes well for the Republican Party beyond the 2010 census. Seems the Grand Ol' Party stands to pick up three (3) additional electoral votes in both Florida and Texas, while the Dems will lose six (6) overall with two coming out of New York's present complement. Don't you just love good tidings!

This could well mean that the more prudent in Democratic ranks may begin abandoning their hard-line liberal positions, while taking a page or two (or three) out of Hillary's playbook. Seems we Red State dwellers are beginning to look better the more the capital "L" liberals sober up and see their chances of recapturing the White House anytime soon just slipping-sliding away.

Of course, there's the nation and then there's California. Rob Reiner hasn't figured it out yet (nor has Barbara Boxer).